Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
What is POVERTY? Is there an “operative” definition that could 
be a paradigm for “eradicating” poverty? In spite of thousands of NGO’s working on Poverty alleviation why do we find so much poverty?
Every nation is attempting to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people. Economists, Social Scientists, Scientists, Academicians, NGO personnel, Business/Industry … all these persons/groups work day in and day out toward improving the economic standards of the “common” people. Yet, the percentage of the poor (in specific terms) is continually increasing. It would not be out of tune to say that “increase in poverty is directly proportional to increase in economic development”! If we say ( as per World bank) that poverty could be based on the yardstick of average income @ less than $2 per day per individual, what would be the answer to make sure that the population under this category are able to have gainful employment to earn at least $2 per day? What should be our (NGO’s) contribution toward reaching such levels of percapita? Or are we to pass the buck to the Government, Industry and other institutions? How many members here would be HONESTLY prepared to work for Total Poverty Eradication?


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