This is just pointed out  “ ALHAMD HUMAN SERVICES & TRUST PAKISTAN “ is engaged in human services and providing services and help to poor, needy and handicap persons of the country.

Our medical teams consisting the qualified doctors and Para-Medical Staff frequently visit the interior areas of the country to serve the needy, poor, sick and injured people.

We also invite you come forward for the help on the following welfare work of the poor people because if every person provides help to their affected brother and sisters then no doubt that they shall not make suicide:

  • Distribution of  ‘RASHAN’ between poor and needy person,
  • Provide help to handicap person for skill,
  • Provide financial assistance for the marriage of poor daughters,
  • Excavation of wells in the areas where acute shortage of water,
  • Provide help during natural damages/disastrous,
  • Give help and assistance to the poor children who are interested in education,
  • Free medical camp/Free medical dispensaries,
  • Provide Ambulances,
  • Technical education/Industrial Homes,
  • Provide vans for special, poor and orphan children to pick and drop from hostel to schools,
  • Masjeed and Madaras,

We therefore request you to please provide help on the above-mentioned Holy causes in the interest of poor and need persons; your help shall provide rest to the affected persons.























  1. To provide facilities for all Poor people/and old age citizens in Pakistan.
  2. To Shelter Home All over Cooperative Housing Society/ and will promote for the Plantation and Greenery and will take appropriate measures for the protection of the forests and wild and animals.
  3. Computer Training Centers for all the people. /and will also act for the provision of pure water and for the proper storage purification of the water for providing water to the agriculture lands to manage the installation of tube-well and wells.
  4. I will make arrangements for the proper educations Special/Handicapped Children and make them skilled persons and for this purpose to establish special home.
  5. To provide all kind of Health And Education in all of the people of Pakistan.
  6. To provide shelter old age Citizens and build the industrial home/Vocational Training Centers for Child, Women, Youth and Orphans in order to develop skill of people and reduce un-employment.
  7. To create opportunities for research and development of the specialty.
  8. To provide financial assistance to the widow, Orphan and poor deserving people.
  9. Organizing free medical check-up/ medicines, all the camps about the health.
  10. Distribution of clothes, rice, medicines, books etc. to poor people.
  11. Award/Scholarship and Certificates to the all the deserving students.
  12. To motivate the intelligent and worthy students by providing scholarships to help them in higher education.
  13. To provide ambulances and Coffin carriers for needy people.
  14. To establish free hostels to provide free residential facilities for low –earning people.
  15. To celebrate National days & Special Programmes.
  16. To arrange Workshops, Seminar and other programme for awareness.
  17. To make efforts for poverty alleviation through different projects in HEALTH AND education I’ll make its local offices in Pakistan as well as in the country and abroad they will For the above act of kindness and support in the holy cause, we shall ever remain thankful and pray for you.





A/C. U.B.L – 010-9805-5 CODE 0800 KARACHI


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